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Tax me fairly. Serve me proudly.
about us:
  1. We are an informal group of patriotic Americans who believe it's time for an honest discussion of what we owe our country and what we owe each other.
  2. We are of all backgrounds. We are of all income levels. We are of all races.
  3. We are more interested in the quality of our government than its size. And we care more deeply about the health of our community, our culture, and our classrooms, than that of our big businesses or bank accounts.
  4. We love the idea of keeping every dollar we earn. But not as much as we love our neighbors, our safety, our schools, our police and fire departments, our soldiers, our highways, our health care, and our planet.
  5. We understand why it's unpopular to speak openly about the importance of taxes, and if possible we'd gladly change the subject. But we believe that it is both dishonest and destructive to pretend we can enjoy the fruits of our land without making serious contributions to pay for them. And we are proud to contribute what we can.
  6. We have a strong suspicion that our leaders are just as flawed as we are, but we choose to debate their actual policies rather than doubt their motives or legitimacy.
  7. We feel that individuals and businesses blessed with wealth and opportunity can and should help those less fortunate. (We know that the wealthiest among us have worked very hard to get where they are, but we also know that not everyone who works so hard is so rewarded.)
  8. We haven't forgotten that America has always been a land of immigrants, old and new, and we take pride in this.
  9. As we listen to the voices around us, we respond best to those who are pointing out solutions rather than pointing fingers, and taking action rather than taking sides.
  10. We love our great and troubled nation. We have faith that better days are ahead. And we hope we can work together to bring them about.